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Kris Price



Vision Home Crafters was founded in 2008 by Kris Price.  Kris has more than 20 years of construction and homebuilding experience.  He started in the production building business in 2003 and when the homebuilding market hit a hardship he was laid off. Rather than exiting the construction business, Kris saw this as an opportunity.  He went to classes and obtained his building license with the State of Georgia.  He then proceeded to develop relationships with the banks to finish their standing inventory.  His goal was always to still be standing when the market turned.  As it turned out, it worked to his favor and Vision Home Crafters developed a strong name in the construction community.

Now Vision builds in communities all over metro Atlanta.  They do anything from major remodels to new construction.  Kris has a vision for seeing the end product and how to make it all come together.  He loves construction and watching people dreams come to life.  Kris is heavily involved in all of Vision’s construction projects because he wants to make sure his level of detail goes into each project.  In his own personal life, Kris enjoys mountain biking and spending time with his family.  He has two crazy kids that keep him on his toes daily. 

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